Erik "Mesbah" Prosser is our Principal Artist.

He has been drawing and painting for most of his life.

Mesbah has an impressionist style more than realistic, as if he draws what he feels more than what he sees. This is particularly evident in his choices of colors. He is intense about putting in details, but then splashes or swipes color across the scene, obliterating the carefully created details.


He draws freehand, with no ruler or compass, sometimes paints without drawing first, and often from memory. He may look at something, then draw it without looking back.


Mesbah works in a variety of mediums and genres. He draws in ink and pencil almost every day, mostly drawing trains for his own enjoyment. Working on canvas or plywood, he most often uses acrylic but has been known to try oil or watercolor, and likes to add paper, fabric and glue to make a collage. The common thread running through his work is his love of color. He commonly adds patches of colors that feel good to him to the backgrounds of his subjects and sometimes the kaleidoscopic image is an end in itself and sometimes it becomes just a background for something else like a collage or a wild animal. It is not unusual for him to laugh hysterically while painting.